Ikea Latt Table & Chairs Makeover

A DIY Makeover of the Ikea Latt Table & Chairs set.
A DIY Makeover of the Ikea Latt Table & Chairs set.

For a while now I’ve been thinking about getting the boys a little table & chairs set. We obviously have a dining table but as our house is quite small, it’s usually pushed up against the wall or buried under a number of forms of clutter. Plus the chairs are just a little low for John & the high chair can no longer contain the monster that is David, so a mini-version is just what we required!

After a bit of humming & hawing, I eventually settled on the Ikea Latt set. At only £20 it’s an absolute bargain but given the price, it’s a little bit boring. As soon as I unpacked it I knew I couldn’t leave it in it’s bare pine state: it was time to get creative!

The idea of painting it in some garish rainbow colours did cross my mind but as it would be pride of place in our living room I decided on something a little more neutral. In fact, the colours I chose are the leftover peach paint from when we first decorated the nursery before John was born & the blue we currently have on one of the walls in the boys bedroom. Talk about a thrifty project, eh?

The process was straight forward enough – as simple as a lick of paint! A few tips worth sharing though are:

  1. Paint the parts before putting everything together. This will allow for a neat finish and avoid any paint getting onto the table surface.
  2. Use a gloss paint. Assuming you’ll be using your Latt Table set with children – who are obviously quite messy – gloss paint is wipe-able and won’t stain from (most) food or drinks.
  3. If you choose to use more than one colour, masking tape around the already fixed parts of the chair and table to allow for neater edges.
  4. Do light coats of paint in the direction of the wood grain. You’ll probably need about 3-4 coats of paint, depending on your paint colours.
And there you have it. A quick, easy and pretty darn cute DIY project. I also have plans to add the boys names to a chair each but that’s yet to happen. For more inspiration on how to makeover your own Ikea Latt table & chairs, have a look at these below.

I love this idea from Felt & Honey. The world map is a brilliant addition and makes this set look like you’d pay a fortune for it. Plus the black paint is in fact chalk board paint meaning you can add kids names onto them with just a piece of chalk.


Or how about this chalkboard painted table with upholstered seats? I briefly considered covering the seats on our Latt chairs but figured the boys would just get them manky. These oilcloth covered chairs are wipe-able so perfect for crafting & dinner!

This little Latt set is covered with fabric & sealed with polyurethane giving it a bold and playful finish. If we were keeping our table & chairs in the boys bedroom I’d definitely of opted for something more along these lines.


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  1. Oh wow! I never even thought of that idea if I am honest! So glad you have shared this post. I love the IKEA chairs and table but thought they looked to plain. Perfect idea! I think I may just buy them next time I take a visit to IKEA! xx

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