38 Weeks.

I wish I’d taken better bump photos with my camera all along but for whatever reasons, I haven’t.

But the more I think about it, the more I’m going to miss having this little one inside of me. Of course, I’ll be holding my brand new baby and loving on them like nothing else but I dunno… I’ll need to share them when they get here. Just now they’re still a part of me and I’ll really miss that.

Hormones. Blah.

37 Weeks.

Full term. When did that happen?
I had my routine midwife appointment yesterday and everything was good. Baby is starting to engage – currently 4/5ths palpable, so they’re slowly heading in the right direction, despite still having a bit to go. Their heart rate is similar to every other time I’ve been and although I’m still measuring small (35cm) there’s been steady growth since my last check-up.

  • I’m generally feeling well. My sleep is getting worse but that’s due a combination of being uncomfortable and Iain deciding to start snoring.
  • I’m also getting a lot of pain in my pelvis/pubic bone whenever I walk any kind of distance. 
  • The skin on my belly has become quite itchy but I’ve still not got many stretch marks (apart from on my hips and thighs) and my belly button still hasn’t popped right out, meaning I can still wear my belly bar. 
  • Tasks, such as putting on socks or picking up things off the floor, are becoming more difficult but still not yet impossible.

One thing my midwife did mention was that she didn’t expect me to go into labour early. My next appointment is at 39 weeks and she even went on to say, “and we’ll see you once a week after then until baby arrives.” I was thinking about when baby will make their appearance. In my area of Scotland they’ll wait until you’re 7 days overdue until the offer membrane sweep and 12 days overdue before discussing induction. If I get to 12 days overdue I’ll be into February and I’ve never been fond of the idea of inducing labour, so I’d like to hold out as long as possible for things to happen naturally. Given that and the way things are, I think this baby might make it throughout January and decide to finally make an appearance come February… Time will tell!

35 Weeks.

Showing off my little bump today.

Going to attempt some Christmas shopping but we’ll see how long I last.