28 Weeks

Today I had a routine midwife appointment and all seems to be fine with my pregnancy, however baby is measuring quite small so I’m to have a growth scan.

My midwife says not to worry, especially since I’m now getting plenty of movement but I can’t help but worry, this is my baby we’re talking about after all. I’ll get an appointment for the scan either later this week or early next week.

Hopefully everything will be fine.

27 Weeks.

86 more days. That’s a lot less than 100 days. And that is a scary thought. Time seems to be flying in. I’m starting to panic a bit that we won’t have everything organised in time.

I registered at my new doctors today which means I’ll also have a new midwife too. And thankfully with the move, we’re now closer to the hospital where I’ll give birth. Whether we actually manage to get there will still be weather dependent. There’s been no snow as of yet but last year in Edinburgh it started snowing in November and was still snowing into March. This makes the chances of it snowing throughout January pretty high. Let’s just hope the council remember to grit the roads.

I’ve also started thinking about the baby’s nursery and come pay day I’m going to make a start on buying things. This thought makes me a very happy pregnant woman.

20 Week Anomaly Scan

After another long 8 weeks since our first 12 week scan, today we had our 20 week anomaly scan.

Despite everyone telling me not to worry, I obviously did! However all is normal. Our baby has one heart, one brain, one bladder, two kidneys – everything they’re meant to! All measurements (head, abdomen…) are average and tie in with dates. And no cleft pallet or obvious signs of spina bifida.

We also found out that our baby has some long legs (just check that picture!) which are very flexible and spent most of the time stretched over their head. We also saw our baby take a big yawn, grab their toes and scratch their head.

However they were quite stubborn and didn’t want to move, making it difficult for the sonographer to get all the measurements. After a period of time trying to coax baby into a better position, Iain and I were sent on a walk around the hospital. Up and down the stairs, to the shop for something to eat & drink, back up & down the stairs and to the loo. Baby was still being stubborn but the sonographer finally won, just as he was discussing booking me in next week for another scan.

And the sex? Well, we’re still ‘Team Yellow’! I thought Iain would cave in and ask but we stayed strong. And didn’t see any obvious signs either way.

I still think it’s a boy though…

Bugaboo Bee

We ordered our pram a few weeks ago. We have opted for the Bugaboo Bee.
I’d always had my heart set on the Quinny Buzz but after much research and testing we decided the Bugaboo Bee was the more sensible choice for our city lifestyle. It’s extremely light-weight and the easiest pram in existence to push. And as my friend Emma said, “it’s like the iPhone of prams!”
The seat is reversible so great teamed with the Cocoon for use from birth. You can also use the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix car seat (our car seat of choice) with the Car Seat Adapters. Another big plus it that you don’t have to remove the seat of the Bugaboo to attach the car seat, saving yourself a lot of taking apart and putting back together. And once baby gets too big for front facing, we can simply switch the seat around and let them see the world!
The Bugaboo Bee is also quite easy to fold, although it does requires two hands. But once folded it quite small – perfect for storing in our little flat. And, like I mentioned, it’s extremely light so less of a weight to haul up and down the stairs!
Another lovely feature is the choice of colours. We opted for black to keep things neutral but the hood is removable and easy enough to change between colours.
For more info, see Bugaboo’s demo video for the Bugaboo Bee below…

Jumping for joy!

Today was our 12 week scan. It seems like so long ago since I arranged the appointment date with my midwife and yet here we are.

After weeks of sleepless nights, waking up in a panic of, “what if there’s nothing there and I’m imaging it all?” & “what if I’m actually carry 12 babies – a whole litter! How would we cope then?” it was finally a relief to find out everything is real and there is only one baby!
Not just any baby though; our baby. Our little one-headed, two-armed and two-legged baby. Our baby who likes to move about; kicking, waving and attempting somersaults. Our baby with a healthy little heart beat. Our little 5.2cm baby!

Also had the NT scan and blood test to give us our figures on whether I’m high risk at having a child with Downs Syndrome. Due to hear back regarding those in a couple of weeks, so the waiting game and panic sets in again.
For now though, I’ll just stare in awe at the pictures of our beautiful baby jumping around inside of me.