20 Week Anomaly Scan

After another long 8 weeks since our first 12 week scan, today we had our 20 week anomaly scan.

Despite everyone telling me not to worry, I obviously did! However all is normal. Our baby has one heart, one brain, one bladder, two kidneys – everything they’re meant to! All measurements (head, abdomen…) are average and tie in with dates. And no cleft pallet or obvious signs of spina bifida.

We also found out that our baby has some long legs (just check that picture!) which are very flexible and spent most of the time stretched over their head. We also saw our baby take a big yawn, grab their toes and scratch their head.

However they were quite stubborn and didn’t want to move, making it difficult for the sonographer to get all the measurements. After a period of time trying to coax baby into a better position, Iain and I were sent on a walk around the hospital. Up and down the stairs, to the shop for something to eat & drink, back up & down the stairs and to the loo. Baby was still being stubborn but the sonographer finally won, just as he was discussing booking me in next week for another scan.

And the sex? Well, we’re still ‘Team Yellow’! I thought Iain would cave in and ask but we stayed strong. And didn’t see any obvious signs either way.

I still think it’s a boy though…

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