Jumping for joy!

Today was our 12 week scan. It seems like so long ago since I arranged the appointment date with my midwife and yet here we are.

After weeks of sleepless nights, waking up in a panic of, “what if there’s nothing there and I’m imaging it all?” & “what if I’m actually carry 12 babies – a whole litter! How would we cope then?” it was finally a relief to find out everything is real and there is only one baby!
Not just any baby though; our baby. Our little one-headed, two-armed and two-legged baby. Our baby who likes to move about; kicking, waving and attempting somersaults. Our baby with a healthy little heart beat. Our little 5.2cm baby!

Also had the NT scan and blood test to give us our figures on whether I’m high risk at having a child with Downs Syndrome. Due to hear back regarding those in a couple of weeks, so the waiting game and panic sets in again.
For now though, I’ll just stare in awe at the pictures of our beautiful baby jumping around inside of me.

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