The Magic Fairy Door

Review of yellow The Magic Fairy Door
Review of yellow The Magic Fairy Door

I’ll let you in on a secret… I believe in faeries. Just ask my Mum, she’ll tell you all about the countless fairy ornaments, the houses made from twigs at the bottom of our garden, the Fairy Tale – A True Story video that I practically watched to death, the numerous dog-eared Flower Fairy books and even the fairy climbing wall I made too (child logic, right there!). Even now, I’m still pretty certain they exist. I mean, who else would do the tooth fairy’s duties?

So when The Magic Door Store got in touch to see if we’d like to try out one of their Fairy Doors, I jumped at the chance! For the boys, obviously. Not just for me…definitely not just for me. As we’re in a flat, access to our garden to go hunting for fairies isn’t as easy as it was ‘back in my day’ so the Magic Fairy Door brings the magic of fairy hunting right into your own home. And despite having two boys, I will most certainly be sharing the magic of building twig houses, leaving cake crumbs & pink lemonade out, and staying very quiet as not to scare the fairies away, regardless!

I of course chose the yellow one but The Magic Fairy Door is also available in Red, Blue, Pink, Green & Purple. Best of all, each door comes with it’s very own supply of Magic Dust to show that the fairies & elves have been and visited! What kid wouldn’t love to wake up to that?

We started off by placing the boys new Magic Fairy Door in their room on the sly, with both being very intrigued when they discovered it. I was a bit worried about placing it at first, thinking it would need to be glued on which wouldn’t be ideal in rented accommodation like ours but it is in fact secured with white tac, meaning it’s secure enough to stay in place but not permanently fixed. Plus the nice little message of, “Please don’t handle The Magic Fairy Door roughly, or it might frighten the fairies away,” means you can even convince your wee ones not to pull it off! The door doesn’t actually open either so it’s quite nice knowing that you don’t have to explain why there’s a wall behind it (which obviously there isn’t) and it means the likes of David can’t break it off completely.

After a little chatting about the fairies, John seemed a bit apprehensive about something coming out whilst he sleeps, being the sensitive wee soul he is. But once Iain told him that the fairies would come out and bite his willy whilst he slept, it was game over and time to move the door! (Thanks, Iain…). So now our Magic Fairy Door has pride of place in our hall, which in actual fact I prefer as it means I the boys can show it to everyone that comes to visit us. And John isn’t so worried about losing his willy, especially since the fairy might bring him a car if he’s particularly good.

At £20, the Magic Fairy Door would make a lovely gift for any wee boys or girls with an imagination like mine! You can even buy a step ladder for the fairies to get in (similar logic to my fairy climbing wall, that is!).

Review of yellow The Magic Fairy Door

Disclaimer: We were kindly send The Magic Fairy Door for the purpose of this review. As always, all thoughts are our own.


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  1. That fairy door goes so perfectly! I am totally jealous. Now that we've nearly finished our decorating I think I need a fairy door in my life. I spent my childhood seeing fairies. Literally. I come from a bit of a funny background with spiritualist parents, tarot, mediums and all sorts but I was the only one that used to see fairies out the corner of my eye whilst I was watching TV! x

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