Vlog Stars #2 – A Few of My Favourite Things

Another instalment of Vlog Stars! Who’d have thought I’d keep up a linky for more than one round, especially one that involves vlogging? But I had so much fun doing last months Vlog Stars video that I decided to get involved again this month. I never thought I’d enjoy vlogging as much as I am but I’m really pleased with how this one has turned out.

The topic of this months Vlog Stars is A Few of My Favourite Things. The aim is to name three favourite things from 20 topics in under 3 minutes; I have cheated a little though! And if you do like this video then be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel & give the video a thumbs up too. But without further adieu, here is my video for June’s Vlog Stars!

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Mr and Mrs T Plus Three


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